About Us


I’m John Halas, a professional memoir writer, ghostwriter and editor for hire who also manages a team of ghostwriters. I’m here to reveal two of the major reasons why majority of the people fail to write their memoir. I am an expert memoir writer, which I consider as books of “personal experience/lessons learned”. Such books are private narrations.

You must understand that writing a memoir requires concerted effort, knowledge, and ardor. It’s a long drawn process. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t trustworthy. I’m sure many people you know are desirous of authoring a book, but fail to carry it out. Why? Simply because memoir writing is time consuming and is a gradual process. Planning, researching, interviewing, reading, writing, editing after giving the final touches to the manuscript, takes time. Nothing other than time is required to convert your most fascinating incidents of life into a noteworthy memoir.

This is the main reason for my wishing to extend help. I have discovered a technique of shortening the procedure of readying a memoir. You do the speaking and me the writing. It’s that easy. My precise ghostwriting process is sure to give you a perfect memoir ready to be forwarded for printing in 4 months. During the initial month, all I’ll require is a couple of hours of your time on several days in a week. We can converse telephonically about your story. I’ll do some probing; prompting you for details that you considered long gone but which seem to come alive suddenly.

I write using your tone and words, converting the book into a compelling read. I extricate the dull portions, plug the loopholes, and create a story around one unambiguous communiqué.

You turn into a remarkable author with my assistance, carving a brave story which gives readers a new insight about them. You reveal the vicissitudes of your life, the lessons learned, and the universal facts. All this can be had without your lifting your pen.
I’ve learned a lot as a memoir ghostwriter. Anybody with the right attitude, assistance, and determination can succeed. I personally accept only one memoir writing project at a time to give each one ample time and to be able to guide you across the process by literally hand-holding. Most writers like you are backed by ghostwriters like me who teach, write, and edit.